1. Anonymous said: Don't you think Islam is too "extreme" that you can't even shake hands with the opposite gender?



    But if you really wanna know what’s “extreme” (you don’t), I’ll have you know that it is pretty “extreme” to take a religious tradition with over 14 centuries of legal, philosophical, jurisprudential, exegetical, political, and societal thought, that has spread to just about every continent, that has come in contact with probably the majority of the world’s contemporary cultures, that has over a billion adherents in the world, that has at least five major schools of law, and that has an extraordinary capacity to be adaptable to space and time, and to reduce that tradition in its vast richness to one monolithic understanding of one arbitrary, useless issue. And while you’re at it, you can take your eurocentric understanding of what is “normal” behavior and shove it because if your primary concern with Islam is supposedly not being able to shake someone’s hand, your concern isn’t at all with the faith but with Otherizing and vilifying its adherents as ignorant followers of a religion that you, in your ignorance, have labeled as too extreme because it seemingly doesn’t conform to what you deem acceptable. 


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    From a 1972 Archie comic where he time travels to the future world of 2012.

    This is very important

    Yooo. This is why i do both. Playing live instruments makes things groovie and rich and full of soul and human. Lot of music today lacks human emotion

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  4. Experimentation.